Skrastiņš & Dzenis has successfully represented a client in a dispute against AS “Rīgas Siltums”

Skrastiņš & Dzenis team has successfully represented a client which designs and manufactures heating, water metering and data management devices, in a dispute against AS “Rīgas Siltums”.

The dispute emerged when AS “Rīgas Siltums” filed a claim to the court against our client for recovery of contractual penalty in the amount of approximately 150000 EUR for an alleged breach of contract for installation of bio-fuel boiler.

Skrastiņš & Dzenis team represented the client during the first court session in which the parties requested court to postpone the session as the parties expressed their will to conclude a settlement in this case and resolve the dispute without the court’s involvement.

As a result, the parties concluded a settlement and put an end to the dispute and litigation process.