Skrastiņš & Dzenis advised and represented SIA Selva būve in handling a dispute with a counterparty located in the Netherlands

Skrastiņš & Dzenis team assisted SIA Selva būve in handling a dispute with its business partner in the Netherlands on alleged breach of the agreement and pay-out under the guarantee issued by a bank. Our client, which acted as a subcontractor in a construction project, provided the general contractor an unconditional guarantee where the bank undertook to pay a given amount of money in case our client is in breach of its liabilities. Once the project was finished the breach of the agreement was claimed and bank was requested to pay the respective amount of money.

Skrastiņš & Dzenis team has assisted the client with asking the local court for a preliminary injunction in order to stop payment of the guarantee. The request was satisfied by the local court and our client filed a claim against the general contractor in an arbitration court in Hamburg, Germany.